PlaySAFE: PetFlow’s First Pet-Safe Ice Melt

PetFlow has been making life easier for pets and their parents since 2010. We carry nearly 300 brands of the finest dog and cat food, treats and more, and ship them directly to your doorstep. Our goal to keep pets all across the country happy and healthy is our core mission.

One of the things that makes PetFlow different from other online retailers is that we only pick brands with high-quality products. We know that the essential recipe to keeping your pet happy and healthy is wholesome ingredients without chemicals or harmful substances.

For years, PetFlow has chosen to stray away from ice melts since they have been proven to be harmful to pet health. We have always stood by this decision, but had a change of heart when we found a safe product available.

Effective immediately, the PlaySAFE Ice Blocker is available to purchase at PetFlow.

PetFlow sells the first pet-friendly ice melt: PlaySAFE Ice Blocker

This product is chloride-free, making it non-toxic to your pet’s stomach and pellet-free to prevent paw damage. Better yet, the PlaySAFE Ice Blocker prevents ice from forming in the first place, making it safer for pet parents, too.

PlaySAFE Ice Blocker includes:

  • Aviation grade anti-icing liquid that does not allow ice to form under snow
  • Proven performance in harsh winter conditions, down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Pet-safe ingredients

With just a small amount of spray, ice will not bond to the surface. When the storm ends, your shovel will clear the surface – no ice removal needed!

One gallon of PlaySAFE replaces 8 jugs of your run-of-the-mill “pet friendly” chloride salt, saving you money and snow shoveling effort.

Shop the PlaySAFE Ice Blocker at PetFlow today to keep your furry friend’s health in mind this Winter.