National Pet Dental Health Month: How to Help Your Pet’s Teeth Shine

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has designated February as National Pet Dental Health Month! This is done to educate owners about their pet’s dental health needs and to hopefully improve your animal’s pearly whites.

A pup enjoys his Yummy Combs dental treat.

How often should I get my pet’s teeth checked?

The AVMA recommends getting your dog or cat’s teeth examined at least once a year. Most local animal hospitals or veterinary offices typically offer dental exams.

Pet dental exams are typically performed by veterinary dentists and include the cleaning, adjustment, filing, extraction and repair of your pets’ teeth. Your pet’s mouth may need to be x-rayed in order to fully examine the health of their jaw and teeth.

Many veterinary dental exams require anesthesia in order to provide a thorough dental cleaning without frightening your pet. Check with your local veterinarian to see if anesthesia is required for a dental exam.

What should I know about my pet’s oral health?

As a pet owner, you should be regularly checking your dog or cat’s teeth. This is tricky with some animals, but a quick look at your pet’s teeth can save them pain and save you money!

Luckily, cavities aren’t very common in pets. But your animals are susceptible to things like periodontal disease, infected teeth, misalignment of the teeth and more.

Some ways to prevent these disorders are to brush your pet’s teeth daily, get regular dentals at your veterinarian’s office and give them dental treats.

Formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, Yummy Combs

are the Original Complete™ treat specifically designed to treat your pet’s oral health and overall wellness.   A unique honeycomb shape and thin wall design preserves healthy nutrients and flosses between your dog’s teeth 360 degrees, cleaning all the way to the gum line.

Do you have a dog who inhales food and treats? Yummy Combs were made wide with thin walls to deter your dog from swallowing the treat whole and encourage longer chewing, experiencing more teeth cleaning.  Yummy Combs added a special patented ingredient called Slick ‘M that makes the treat slick when it touches water, saliva or gastric juices which is an added safety bonus over any other doggy dental treat. The treats are complete and balanced, all-natural, gluten-free and grain-free.

What should I look for in a dental treat?

When looking for treats to improve your pet’s oral health, there are a few important factors.

The design of the treat matters a lot! Some treats (like Yummy Combs) are designed specifically to reach all areas of your dog’s teeth. These treats massage your pet’s gums and scrubs their teeth from back to front.

Yummy Combs shows how the design cleans your pets teeth

Also, make sure the treats are nutrient-rich and not full of fillers. With Yummy Combs, chicken is always the number one ingredient. With 44% protein and 12 wellness ingredients (helping with odors from both ends, shiny coat, joint health) Yummy Combs are extremely nutritional keeping your pet’s wellness in mind.

Remember that not all dental treats fit the needs of every dog. Most dental treats come in different sizes in order to safely improve your pet’s oral health. Yummy Combs has sizes for all sizes of dog, including extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large.

If you ever have any questions about Yummy Combs products or any other dental products, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team at 1-888-316-7297. We’re always here and more than happy to help!