Tips and Tricks to Get Your Dog Costume Ready

One of our amazing Customer Experience Associates, Aundraya Ceballos is here with her adorable husky, Rajah, to explain the some tips and tricks to get your dogs ready to rock some dog Halloween costumes.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for fellow Halloween lovers anyway! As Pet Parents, we always try to include our furbabies in all aspects of our lives, and the holidays are no different. Including your furry friends in the festivities is tons of fun. But, don’t be surprised or disappointed when dressing up your loved one isn’t an epic success on your first try.

Here are some tips and tricks that helped me turn my Rajah Bear into the perfect trick-or-treater.

Choose the Right Costume

Rajah as Princess Leia
Who makes a better Princess Leia, Rajah or Carrie Fisher?

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get a costume that fits your pet well. They need to be able to move freely, it’s very important that the costume does not rub their armpits and that their head, tail, and paws are completely free. You can check out all of PetFlow’s dog Halloween costumes here

Start Early

The earlier you start the more successful you’ll be. Have them wear bandanas, t-shirts, etc. around the house.This will teach them that wearing clothes is a part of life. When she was a crazy and wild puppy bully sticks were a lifesaver to distract her from what I was putting on her.

Positive Reinforcement

Rajah as Harry Potter
Rajah or has Harry Potter become an animagus?

Teach them that Costume Time is Fun Time! Give them lots of praise and treats for expressing any interest or exhibiting positive behavior towards the costume.

Take it Slow

Try to get the costume as early as possible so your pet has plenty of time to grow accustomed to it. Start with putting the costume next to your dog or draping it over them. Again, always praise for positive behavior. Put the costume on for a few minutes at a time, slowly increasing the amount of time they spend in it.

Make it fun and normal!

Rajah loves her Halloween bandana
Maybe a Halloween bandana is enough Halloween spirit for your dog.

Once they are all dressed up, make it normal. Go for a walk or have play time. They’ll gradually associate dressing up with fun and treats. When all else fails, keep it simple! Try a festive bow, collar, or bandana. Like with all training –  consistency, practice, and patience are key. Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll have a little Halloween lover on your hands in no time!