Are Limited Ingredient Diets Right for Your Pets?

Like most pet parents, we want the best for our furry friends. One of the most important ways we can care for our pets is through their diets. Just like us, the food our pets eat directly impacts their overall health. Since our pets can’t make those decisions for themselves, we as pet parents, need to make healthy choices for them.

One the easiest ways to ensure your pets get the healthy nutrition they need is through Limited Ingredient Diets (LID). Limited Ingredient Diets allow your pets to get the nutrition they need without the fillers and extra ingredients. The fillers and extra ingredients in some pet food can cause many adverse health conditions. Luckily, with time and a healthy diet, unhealthy conditions can reverse.

Limited Ingredient Diets and Allergies

Limited Ingredient Diets can help itchy skin
Itchy skin might be resolved with Limited Ingredient Diets!

Many pet parents think their pets have an allergy to certain foods, while this may be true, very few pets actually have a food allergy. When a pet does have a food allergy, it is almost always an allergy to a certain protein. This is where Limited Ingredient Diets can be a huge benefit. Not only are most Limited Ingredient Diets grain-free, but most also have a single protein source. The fewer ingredients in your pets food, the less chance there is of one causing a health problem.

Many pets suffer from itchy skin, paws, or ears, stomach sensitivity, unhealthy bowels, or a lack of energy. While these symptoms may all relate to your pet’s food, they may not mean your pet has a food allergy. More often than not, these symptoms are cause by the fillers and excess ingredients in many commercial foods. Limited Ingredient Diets can help provide your pets with a balance diet made only with ingredients they need to be healthy.

When you transition your pets from a standard pet food to high quality Limited Ingredient Diets, like Natural Balance, you are cutting out many unhealthy ingredients. Your pets’ discomfort will hopefully clear up, but remember to transition your pet’s food slowly.

How to Transition Your Pets to Limited Ingredient Diets

Limited Ingredient Diets can be a great change
Be sure to transition your pet slowly when changing to a Limited Ingredient Diet.

We recommend replacing  a ¼ of your pets’ food with the new food at every meal for 3 days. If there no new problems or increased old issues appear, replace an addition ¼ of the food for 3 more days. Your pet should now be getting a 50/50 blend of old and new foods. Continue to replace ¼ of the old food for 3 days until you only have new food left. By this time, your pets should enjoy the new food with no problems. While your pets’ health issues may not clear up immediately, you shouldn’t change your pets’ food again for a few months unless a Vet recommends it.

If your pet already loves Limited Ingredient Diets, be sure to try Limited Ingredient Treats! And don’t forget to check out everyone’s favorite dog trainer, Zak George, you can find his training posts here.

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  1. I have a 7yr old blue merle Aussie and a 4yr old red merle aussie and from day one I have had them on Nerto Dog Food and have never had one bit of a problem with either one of them. Your food sounds good but I’d hate to change them as they are doing so well. I get it at a good price plus free shipping and I open the box at the front door and drag it to the kitchen. It’s 30lb and I’m 76yrs old and I can’t pick it up.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sandy! We also provide free-shipping on orders +$49! You can check out all of Nutro’s products here! Let us know if you have any questions! Thanks!

  2. Don’t know what to do. My 16 1/2 yr Old Toy Poodle doesn’t want to eat her regular Food (cesar’s). She would eat cereal with milk, crackers, rice with home cooked Chichen or meta, bread, Home cooked food. I am 91 with bad artritis. Please give me some suggestions.
    I tried dry food in pel let’s. She hardly eats it. She wants homemade.
    Can I feed her cooked eggs? Ebay about cooked brand? I am afraid she might get diarrea. Please help. She is me Best friend, My everything. We have grown Old together.

    1. Hi Maria! We can certainly give you some suggestions! Here are several dog food recipes that are great for small senior dogs. We offer free shipping on all orders +$49 and we will delivery everything straight to your front door no matter what. You may also want to check out The Honest Kitchen since your furry friend in used to home cooked meals. The Honest Kitchen is Human-Grade food that’s been dehydrated, all you need to do is add a little water to the dish! Feel free to message our Facebook page or chat with our team at if you have more questions or concerns! Thanks!

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