New Cat Food Can Reduce Allergens

Being a cat lover with a cat allergy is truly a struggle. Approximately 10% of the United States population suffers from some sort of pet allergy, cat allergies being the most common. But with Purina Pro Plan’s new LIVECLEAR cat food, allergic reactions to your cat can be a thing of the past!

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Why are so many people allergic to cats?

Many cat owners often decide to suffer through their allergy in order to keep a cat. This usually involves constant cleaning, bathing of the cat, and the removal of dander.

Cat allergies can be triggered by cat dander, dead skin, and urine. Sometimes, cat allergies can still be unmanageable even with all of this effort. Oftentimes, washing the cat is only a temporary solution. Allergy pills also only mask the problem. Another option is for allergy shots, but those aren’t always accessible for the average pet owner.

After years of research, Purina Pro Plan finally figured out a way to safely ease cat allergens!

Fel D 1

Many cat allergies actually stem from something Fel D 1. Fel D 1 is a protein that is produced in a cat’s sebaceous and salivary glands. During grooming, this protein gets transferred onto their fur. After a decade of research, Purina scientists have discovered that a protein found in eggs can actually bind and block Fel D 1 in a cat’s saliva. This helps to deactivate the protein and does not alter the cat’s physiology in any way.

After tests by Purina, 97% of cats actually showed a reduction in Fel D 1 on their dander. By the third week of feeding, there has been on average a 47% decrease in Fel D 1 found on the cat’s hair. For more information, the study can be found here

LIVECLEAR is formulated with these results in mind, using the protein found in eggs to neutralize Fel D 1. The cats with the highest amounts of this protein were the ones with the best results. With such promising results, it definitely couldn’t hurt to try for a pet parent suffering with cat allergies!

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Formulas for Every Cat

One of the exciting parts of the LIVECLEAR is that your cat’s special conditions can be met while feeding and you can still reap the rewards of allergy reduction. LIVECLEAR has several formulas, each catered to different ages or feeding requirements.

Senior: If you have a senior cat, we highly recommend checking out the senior version of LIVECLEAR. It is also one of their long life formulas, formulated to make sure your senior fur baby is living a long and happy life.

Weight Control: For our couch potato cats, there is a weight control version of LIVECLEAR that is definitely worth checking out. Boasting higher protein and lower fat, it is sure to help maintain a healthy weight for your cat.

Sensitive Skin & Stomach: Some pets are more prone to digestive and skin problems. For these more sensitive cats, we suggest LIVECLEAR Sensive Skin & Stomach. It is a turkey and oat formula, and should be gentle on your cat’s digestive system. Oats are also excellent for your pet’s skin! 

Probiotic: For cats who struggle with stomach issues, this LIVECLEAR formula has guaranteed live probiotics to support digestive health and immune support. 

If you are curious about LIVECLEAR check it out today! Use promo code PROPLAN20 to take 20% off of all Purina Pro Plan products. For any questions about Pro Plan, LIVECLEAR, or other diets for your feline friends, feel free to give our dedicated customer service team a call. You can reach us at 1-888-316-7297 seven days a week!