Spotlight: Open Farm Pet Food

We all know that what we eat impacts how we feel, and the same applies to our pets. The pet food industry has taken great strides to provide our favorite furry friends with the nutrition they need to be happy and healthy. But no other pet food company has made as big of strides as Open Farm.

Ethical Pet Food

Humane Pet Food
Open Farm believes in ethically raising and sourcing their ingredients

Open Farm has created dog and cat foods that are both ethically raised and sourced. What this means is that you never have to wonder if your pet’s food is sustainably sourced, environmentally conscious, or humanely raised. Open Farm delivers on their promise. One of the ways Open Farm ensures that they are abiding by ethical practices is by being the first certified humane pet food. Open Farm is the first pet industry company to partner with Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC). HFAC requires strict guidelines to be followed throughout the entire process. 

Know Exactly What You’re Feeding Your Pet

ingredients pet food
Open Farm lets you know exactly what your pet is eating.

Open Farm has completely redefined the standards of the pet food industry. They have even gone so far as to allow for complete transparency and traceability of every ingredient that goes into your pet’s food. Each bag is stamped with a lot code that allows you to see the origin and description of the ingredients. The days of wondering what kind of meat byproduct your pet is eating are over.

If you look at your bag’s lot code, you’ll notice that every bag is grain free. Open Farm never uses corn, wheat, rice, or soy to help bulk up the food. Each recipe has been carefully curated with your pet’s nutritional needs in mind. So, everything in your bag has a reason to be there. Not only is this important from a nutritional perspective for your pet. But, it also has a huge positive impact on the environment. By saying no to unnecessary ingredients, Open Farm is reducing the need to farm environmentally damaging crops like corn and soy.

Open Farm Leads the Way

Open Farm is leading the pet food industry by providing an ethical and nutritious pet food. During every step of the process, Open Farm ensures that they are producing pet foods that they can proudly stand behind.

PetFlow wholeheartedly believes in the practices and procedures Open Farm goes through in order to make sure their food is ethically sourced and raised. That’s why PetFlow is the only online retailer selling Open Farm products. To shop for Open Farm, click here.