Our Favorite Fall Products

It’s fall, y’all!

Okay, technically it’s not quite fall. The first day of fall is actually September 22nd. But since Starbucks is serving pumpkin spice lattes again, the PetFlow team is ready to celebrate! We put together a list of our top fall products to get you and your pet ready for cool weather, falling leaves & pumpkin-flavored everything!

Dog holding a fall leaf

Fall Feasts

For humans, fall is all about food! We look forward Thanksgiving dinners, Halloween candy and all the pumpkin pie we can eat. It’s no different for your pets! Dogs & cats need variety in their diet. This is why some veterinarians recommend switching your pet’s food every so often. Some brands offer the same nutrition in seasonal flavors to make rotational feeding more fun!

Merrick wet dog food has fun fall-themed ingredients! The Pappy’s Pot Roast Dinner recipe includes wholesome USDA-inspected deboned beef. There are even delicious hand-stuffed potatoes and carrots in gravy! If you don’t serve your dog wet food, Merrick recommends trying the Chunky recipes as toppers for dry kibbles, as well. 

Solid Gold even offers dry food for dogs that features fall ingredients like quail, chickpeas and pumpkin. Not only is this a festive daily food, but it’s great for pups with sensitive stomachs. 

Cat in fall leaves

If your cat needs a fall palate pickup, try wet food with ingredients like pumpkin! Fromm Four Star Turkey & Pumpkin Pate is made with high-quality, finely minced turkey and pumpkin cooked in turkey broth. Earthborn Holistic also makes cat food with wholesome vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin & carrots!

Costumes & Getting Cozy

As the weather cools down, you can keep your pet warm with some fall clothes & accessories. 

Pet Life offers stylish products like dog hoodies, cable-knit sweaters and insulated coats to keep your pup warm & cozy. If you go on outdoor adventures with your dog, they also have shoes to protect their paws!

Consider upgrading your pet’s sleeping station as it gets colder, too. Ethical Pet’s Cuddle Cave is a cold-weather oasis for small dogs & cats! They also make soft blankets to warm up your pet’s bed or kennel. 

Animal Planet toirtoise dog costume at PetFlow

If you’re already prepping for Halloween, you can find a spooky selection of costumes at PetFlow! Our personal favorite this year is Animal Planet’s Tortoise dog costume. For our sports fans, Pets First has a large selection of pet jerseys for the NHL, MLB, NBA & NFL. Get a jersey to rep your team and it can even double as a Halloween costume for your pet!

Trick-or-Treats, Toppers & Mixers

A simple way to celebrate autumn is to give your pet some fall-themed treats and toppers! Many pet products feature fall ingredients like pumpkin because it holds many benefits for both dogs and cats. Pumpkin can naturally improve your pet’s health in the following ways:

  • Provides a boost in Vitamin C, Vitamin A & potassium
  • Supports immunity
  • Moisturizes their skin & coat
  • Prevents urinary infections
  • Promotes digestive health & regularity
  • Can aid in weight loss for overweight pets

Bocce’s Bakery Pumpk’n Spice dog treats are a team favorite at PetFlow! They are soft and chewy so dogs of all ages can enjoy them. Plus, they are made with simple ingredients like pumpkin, peanut butter, molasses & cinnamon. 

To spice up your dog’s dry food, you can try The Honest Kitchen’s Pumpkin Pour Overs. They are pumpkin-based stews infused with protein like salmon, turkey, and chicken. The ingredients are so fresh that they are certified human-grade, which means you can safely consume them (if you so choose). You can use them as a topper on your dog’s food or as a healthy snack between meals! 

How to serve Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up

Weruva’s Pumpkin Patch Up is a supplement, treat and topper all mixed into one. The only ingredients are pureed pumpkin and water. You can use it as a daily or occasional food topper. Weruva also recommends freezing them in small amounts to serve as a treat! Pumpkin Patch Up is made for both dogs and cats, too!

For even more fall fun, check out our Fall Favorites page. If you have any questions about fall products, please give our dedicated customer service team a call. You can reach us seven days a week at 1-888-316-7297!