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NutriSource brand logoNutriSource pet food is dedicated to the long-term health of family dogs and cats. That very commitment is what drives them to create some of the highest quality pet food you can buy. That’s their promise in every bag through their Alltech Good 4 Life® System! 

NutriSource is meticulous about how their food is made, and they’re lucky to be able to manufacture their own kibble in a state of the art facility. They promise to always utilize the most complete quality control standards to ensure great products for your furry friends.

NutriSource goes the distance to make great food. They mill their own legumes and grains, grind their own meats and cook all of their recipes below 200 degrees to maximize nutrition. All of these efforts result in nutrient-dense recipes that maximize digestibility. Each recipe includes their proprietary blend of supplements known as Good 4 Life®, which work to ensure your pets’ health and longevity.

The health of your beloved pet is always their priority!

NutriSource Good 4 Life System

NutriSource created their Good 4 Life® supplements which guarantee that your pet won’t have any digestive issues! Their food is so great, it can even cure the following ailments within the first few feedings:

  • Common issues – Sensitive stomach – Vomiting – Noxious gas – Diarrhea
  • Allergies – Chronic ear infections – Runny eyes – Sneezing – Constant licking
  • Gut health – Immune system bolstering
  • Palatability – Nutrient dense recipes taste better – even the pickiest pets will love the taste

Good 4 Life® – All aspects of a healthy life

NutriSource creates some of the highest-quality food for your beloved pets. NutriSource is formulated with the best ingredients and supplements that guarantee whole-body pet health. Some of the ways that NutriSource guarantees whole-body pet health is by using organic immune booster and antioxidants which help support your pets brain function.

brain function iconSEL-PLEX is the only FDA-reviewed AND the first European Union-approved form of organic selenium supplement. Over 20 years of research proves SEL-PLEX as a proprietary form of organic selenium yeast. SEL-PLEX aids with immunity, reproduction and maintains a healthy antioxidant status by neutralizing free radicals in the bloodstream.

Adding organic mineral nutrition to their food helps support your pets healthy skin & coats.

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BIOPLEX is the patent name for the trace minerals used in all NutriSource dog and cat foods. It provides organic mineral nutrition via zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt, and iron in a form as close to nature as possible. BIOPLEX reinforces mineral status, leading to optimal overall health, better immune status, and reproductive function. BIOPLEX helps to maintain healthy skin and coat, aids digestion and supports immune function.

Also, NutriSource adds pre-biotics and probiotics to their recipes to support your pets digestive health.

healthy digestive tract iconBIO-MOS, a pre-biotic, supports digestive health and overall intestinal health of all pets. BIO-MOS is designed to feed the gastrointestinal tract and enhance natural defenses. BIO-MOS works in pets of all ages and performs well during periods of stress. Backed by over 700 research studies and proven to be 92% effective, BIO-MOS removes pathogens like salmonella from the gastrointestinal tract thereby improving overall nutrient absorption.

NutriSource dry pet foods are packed with probiotics for superior microbial digestion. Yea-Sacc works in the stomach to encourage microbial digestion allowing for better bacterial colonization in the intestinal tract. Five live bacterias are coated onto the kibble, absorb quickly, and therefore colonize faster to aid your pet’s digestion!

Good health begins in the digestive track!

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In all of their cat food recipes, they include de-odorase, which is derived from the yucca plant and is used to reduce fecal odor and litter box ammonia!

Your pet’s digestive system is short, so proper absorption of nutrition won’t happen unless a balanced, nutrient-dense pet food is consumed. Your pet will benefit from any help it can get in breaking down protein and carbohydrates.

In nature, pre-digested grains (found in the stomach of their prey) and decaying meat provide the most nutrients. Luckily, NutriSource found a way to mimic nature through their Good 4 Life® supplements.

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Their Good 4 Life® supplements act as a powerful digestive aid that helps your pet break down food into nutrients for optimal digestion. By doing so, they give your pet maximum bio-availability, the opportunity to digest the most amount of nutrients in the shortest amount of time. This leads to a very happy and healthy life!

Your Pet Digests More From NutriSource Foods – That’s The Difference

Since NutriSource created this highly digestible, nutrient-dense kibble with a high digestibility rating, you can now feed your pet less, and they’ll get even more nutrition. 

NutriSource promises your pet a longer, happier, and healthier life for your pet – Who doesn’t want that?

Mass Merchandiser Bargain Brand kibble and Leading National Brand pet food compared to NutriSource pet food to show that you'll feed less as it's more bio-available!
A little goes a long way!

Check out all the delicious pet food recipes that NutriSource has to offer! There’s a recipe for every member of your fur family!

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Geena has 3 dogs who all love their NutriSource dry dog food! Shown above is Geena’s 6-year-old Pitbull Shooter’s reaction to when he got his @PetFlow order with his FAVORITE food!

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