Fall Safety Tips For Pets

Fall is finally here!  One of our awesome Customer Experience Associates, Parriz Lucas, is here to share some Fall safety tips to help keep your pets safe! We should all take advantage of the unique outdoor activities fall brings. But, there’s a new set of safety concerns that come along with the seasonal change. So, be sure to keep your fur babies safe with these helpful hints.

Back to School

Fall safety tips are important when school starts!
Hannah McKay’s pup is ready for school!

Kids are going back to school which inevitably means something will be forgotten or lost. These lost and forgotten supplies can look a lot like a chew toys to our pets. Make sure to keep pencils, small erasers, crayons, etc out of reach from your beloved pets.

Chilly Weather

As the weather gets cooler, we must be aware of the changing needs of our pets. Some dogs may need a sweater, or they may need to spend less time outside as the temperature declines. It’s also important to keep in mind that our pets always need water, no matter how hot or cold it may be outside.

Cooler weather means more unique opportunities for outdoor adventures with your pets.  Some necessary essentials are, a handy leash, toys to play fetch, and a sweater if it is chilly!  Try some pet-friendly outdoor activities like a pumpkin patch or a hike.

Falling Leaves

Finnegan needs some fall safety tips!
Finnegan loves chasing falling leaves!

If you live in a area with an abundance of foliage, you may be worried about fleas and ticks. Keep your pets safe with a flea and tick repellent so they can frolic worry-free! Also, as it gets darker earlier, you may want to invest in a L.E.D collar light or some reflective gear for your walks or backyard potty breaks.

Wild mushrooms are a major threat to animals in some areas during the Autumn season. It’s very easy for mushrooms to be hiding under leaves, but that won’t fool your pups. Should your fur-baby inhale this poison, you should immediately to contact your veterinarian or call ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center – (888) 426-4435.


Rajah is rocking her shark bait costume!

If you love Halloween as much as I do and have all the decorations to go along with it, you may want to take down these tips to keep your fur-baby safe. Both decorations and costumes can contain toxic materials that our dogs and cats shouldn’t toy with. Make sure to keep these things out of reach.

If want to get your pet into the spirit of Halloween without endangering them, check out these dog costumes and this blog post to learn tips about getting your dog comfortable in their new costume!

Candy also runs rampant during this time of year. As much as we want to treat our pets, they just can’t have it. Chocolate is very dangerous for animals and sweet candy does not have the nutritional needs for a dog or cat either. As a alternative, try some pet-safe treats or make your own treats that will satisfy their candy cravings.

Most importantly enjoy the changing seasons and get outside to have some fun with your pets! Share your favorite Fall pet stories in the comments!