Essentials for Cat Adoption

Have you been thinking about adopting a cat or kitten recently? Well, if you needed a green light, the American Humane Society has designated June to be Adopt-A-Cat Month! With the influx of new cat parents, we wanted to go over some necessary supplies to make sure that your new cat or kitten is living its best life, or to help you get a better idea of everything you may need before adopting your new companion.

Cat close up

Dry Food

We’re all pet parents here. We know how daunting it can be to pick your cat’s dry food, which is why we wanted to give some tips on picking the best dry food for your new cat or kitten. You’ll want to make sure that the food you choose is complete with all the nutrients your pet needs to be healthy. A complete and balanced diet will keep your cat’s weight in its optimal range. A good cat food will also have health benefits, such as omegas, probiotics, and other important vitamins and minerals that your cat needs. With cats being prone to urinary tract and kidney issues, cranberries are another great ingredient to look for in your cat’s kibble.

A dry food the PetFlow team recommends checking out is PureVita. PureVita’s dry food contains high quality protein as a first ingredient. The flaxseed in this diet provides omegas to your cat. The chicory root is a quality probiotic. It contains other vitamins and minerals your cat needs. Last but not least, cranberry is included in the ingredients to make sure your cat’s urinary tract is staying in top form.

Wet Food

Since a lot of cats aren’t crazy about drinking from water bowls, wet food can be an important component of your cat’s diet and maintaining the proper level of hydration. Another thing to note about wet food is that the texture is closer to what cats would eat in nature as opposed to kibble. We highly recommend getting your cat a good quality wet food and supplementing it with a kibble.

When shopping for your cat’s wet food, there are some important things to keep an eye out for. You want to make sure that the wet food has a high moisture content. Another thing to keep in mind is the protein content of the food.. It is also best to avoid artificial ingredients. Since cat’s are obligate carnivores, a wet food with a good protein content is imperative. Along with that, carbs should also play a minimal role in their diet. A good quality wet food should consist predominantly of protein, avoiding those pesky filler ingredients.

Many members of the PetFlow team are cat parents themselves. When we discuss cat food recommendations amongst ourselves, one brand always comes up as a suggestion with a resounding agreement from the team: Weruva. We love Weruva, and so do our cherished furbabies. 

Weruva is a high quality wet food, but another important thing to note is its palatability. Cats go crazy for this stuff. Does your cat like pate? Weruva has you covered. What about gravy? If you’re about the convenience, their Slide ‘N Serve pouches can’t be beat. With these pouches, there is no scooping required, they just simply slide right into your cat’s bowl.

Anubis the Cat poses with Weruva
The author’s cat, Anubis, posing with his beloved Weruva!


Part of the fun of having a cat is watching their eyes light up when they see their owner holding up that bag of treats that they yearn for. The visible excitement on a cat’s face when seeing their favorite snack is almost contagious. Treats are great for bonding with your cat or kitten. Some cats are even able to learn some tricks with the use of treats for training exercises.

When it comes to treats, Temptations are known for being coveted by cats. These treats are one of the most renowned amongst cats and cat parents alike, but let it be known that PetFlow cannot be held liable for any cats or kittens that get addicted to these delicious morsels.


Now that you’ve got your cat’s food, let’s move onto the next important component for being a cat parent: litter. It’s hard to find an adequate litter to put in your cat’s litter box, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

A major factor in shopping for litter is trying to get one that controls the odor. The last thing you want is for your abode to reek of cat litter and the smells trapped inside of it. You’re also going to want to make sure that the litter is mostly dust free, as dust can cause allergies and other issues with your cat’s respiratory system. Since you want cleaning the litter box to go smoothly, it’s important to get a litter that is easily scooped up.

It’s definitely challenging to find a cat litter that meets all of the criteria we listed above. One of the most acclaimed brands of cat litter has to be World’s Best cat litter. With a name like that, you truly would expect the best and World’s Best delivers. To eliminate odors and leave a pleasant aroma, they have a lavender scented and a pine scented litter. They also have unscented formulas if those are more your cup of tea. We highly suggest giving World’s Best cat litter a try for all of your cat’s litter needs.

Collars & Leashes

If you are a cat owner, it is always a good idea to have a collar for your pet. Though many cat parents tend to skip collars if their cat is an indoor cat, accidents can happen. It is important to have a collar in case your cat ever does manage to pull off an escape (and sometimes they are quite good at escaping). With a collar and a nametag, it will make it easier for your pet to get identified and returned home to you. 

It is also safer for your cat to have a collar around the house. Most of the time, cat collars have bells on them to keep you aware of where they are at all times. This is especially handy if you have a cat that likes to sneak off into unknown spaces, or if you have a black cat who tends to blend in a little too well with its surroundings in the dark. 

It also may come in handy to have a leash on hand. Though walking a cat isn’t the most common activity, a lot of cats actually do enjoy getting out. A leash is one way that your cat can get out and get some fresh air and sunlight safely. A walk is good exercise for your pet and also will stimulate their mind, forcing them to use senses that they wouldn’t use cooped up in a house or apartment all day. It can also be a great way to bond with your cat.

Check out Blueberry Pet’s collars and leashes over at PetFlow. Not only are they adorably fashion forward, they are also adorned with bells for safety purposes.

Walking a white cat


Anyone that has a cat knows that their hobbies usually include laying around. This is why it’s important to make sure that you have a comfy bed for your pet to curl up in. BeOneBreed is one of our favorite brands, with a large variety of beds for your cat. If you have a cat with hip or joint issues, we highly suggest trying one of their orthopedic beds to soothe your baby’s joints. If your cat likes something a little more snug, try their cat cuddler.

Many members of our PetFlow team are the owners of rescue animals and cat parents themselves. We are all here and ready to help you get what you need before adopting your cat, and are more than happy to help out with recommendations for people that are already cat owners. If you have any additional questions about cat adoption, cat supplies, or anything else, please reach out to our team of pet parents at 1-888-834-7297 or email us over at We are always here and more than happy to help!