Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Pet Food Donation

 Chris and Lei unpack the donated cat food
Chris and Lei unload 3,000+ pounds of donated pet food

PetFlow is dedicated to making sure every pet has a loving home. That’s why we partnered with Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS) to provide their pet food pantry with over 3,000 pounds of food. We were happy to donate cat food and dog food to an organization that believes all pets should have a loving home. Two of our staff members, QA Engineer Lei Zhao, and Junior Accountant Christopher Rodriguez, were able to make it up to MHHS for the drop off.

Learn about MHHS

People and pets benefit from donated pet food
Visitors take home some donated pet food

MHHS is a non profit, donation-based organization that provides quality care to animals in upstate New York. Some of the services Mohawk Hudson Humane Society provides includes: adoption services, shelter for lost animals, assistance to owners of lost animals, and microchipping. MHHS is dedicated to keeping families together which is why their food pantry is so important.

One of the major reasons MHHS receives surrendered animals is due to the costs associated with pets. By providing pet food to families in need, we can help keep pets in their loving homes. Pet parents in the surrounding area rely on donations given to MHHS in order to feed their furry friends. We want to ensure that the MHHS pet food pantry continues to provide families with the food their pets need.

Furry Friends Benefit

Kittens benefit from donated cat food
Abandoned kittens get a second chance

Lei and Chris got to spend some quality cuddling time with some of the kittens staying at MHHS. MHHS found these kittens abandoned with their mother in a parking lot. The entire kitty family suffered from lack of food and dehydration. It is believed that the mama cat was abandoned when the owners discovered she was pregnant and could no longer take care of her or her kittens. This is certainly an extreme example of how the MHHS pet food pantry could have provided enough food for the mama to stay at her home. Unfortunately, the owners were either not aware of the food pantry or unwilling to consider that option. But, thanks to the top notch care provided by MHHS, the entire cat family has been nursed back to health. Now, each of these kittens live with their loving furever family.  

Want to Help?

Donations are a huge way that MHHS is able to help so many animals in need. If you want to help support the efforts of MHHS you can donate here. You can also help several shelters by buying your food from PetFlow – for every box we ship, we donate a bowl of food to a pet in need. Together we have the ability to significantly reduce the number of abandoned pets.

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