Canidae: Goodness for All!

The benefits of Canidae pet food

Every pet parent can relate to the struggle of finding the best and most suitable diet for their fur baby. In 1996, two pet parents were not content with the state of pet food and took it upon themselves to create something better, and that is how and why Canidae Pet Food came to be. Canidae wanted to create a pet food that is better for our pets; better nutrition, better flavor, and better for us all! Canidae upholds that commitment in terms of food quality and by being better for our planet with sustainable business practices and regenerative agriculture.

Canidae knows that it takes quality ingredients to make the best pet food. Canidae has a wide range of formulas to meet every pet’s exact needs!

All Life Stages

Canidae’s All Life Stages line is a grain inclusive diet formulated for pets of any breed, size, and age. This formula is ideal for multi dog or multi cat families! There are also different protein varieties to choose from such as a multi-protein diet, or more limited formulas such as turkey or lamb.


Canidae’s PURE line is a diet recommended for those pets that have more food allergies or sensitivities. For dogs, Canidae PURE has formulas that are grain-free and grain inclusive, and even some formulas that are raw-coated. Each formula is limited to 10 key ingredients for those dogs with more food sensitivities than others.

For cats, the PURE line is exclusively grain free. Canidae PURE formulas for cats are also limited to 10 key ingredients for pets with food sensitivities. There are also both dry and wet food options.

If you have a smaller furry friend, you will be happy to find that Canidae PURE has a line specifically formulated for small breed dogs. Their petite formulas include both dry and wet food. The dry food options are all freeze dried raw coated for optimal nutrition, with 8 key ingredients or less!

Under the Sun

A more affordable line that Canidae has is their Under the Sun formula. Though it is at a lower price point, that does not mean the food sacrifices quality by any means. It is grain-free and each formula is a single protein diet.

So, Why Canidae?

  • Goodness in every bite – Canidae’s nutritionally dense food nourishes in every bite, packing more calories, protein and nutrients per cup than leading brands.
  • Goodness-first ingredients – Canidae uses wholesome ingredients like farm-grown veggies, hearty grains and premium proteins.
  • All goodness, no fillers – Canidae recipes include no corn, no wheat, no soy and no animal byproduct meals.
  • Vet approved – Canidae’s recipes are formulated with a vet nutritionist to exceed AAFCO standards.
  • Complete & balanced goodness – Canidae’s thoughtfully curated recipes are perfectly balanced with whole body health in mind.

If you have any questions about Canidae products or recommendations, please reach out to our PetFlow team. You can reach us by phone at 1-888-316-7297 or send us an email over to Our team of knowledgeable pet parents are always here and happy to help!